Orange County Tree Services

Tree Trimmer
Orange County Tree Services performed a project in the city of Anaheim today. The city of Anaheim is located in Orange County, California. This project was a special project.  Our customer called us back after 5 years to provide some tree trimming. Orange County Tree Services had trimmed these trees in the past. We showed up at 7 Am and wasted no time getting our game plan ready for the day. This project has 185 trees involved in it with many different courtyards that we had to haul the debris through. We started in the rear of the property. We had our tree trimmer start out with  pole pruners so that we didn’t wake up the tenants with our chain saws. At 8:30 we started using our chain saws. Many cities in Orange County have a start time for tree trimming at 7 Am, but we have found that people really appreciate us starting at 8:30. At this point we started hauling branches through the haul way, making sure not to damage the paint on the walls. We had our branch chipper outside and ready to go. Many people don’t realize that we recycle all of our green waste (tree branches). This recycled material gets sent through a couple more processes  and is sent out as mulch to the different cities in Orange County. That’s why we feel that keeping your trees trimmed is a green product and is good for the environment.

Tree Removal
One of the Pine trees at this project had grown too much and was pushing down a wall; so Orange County Tree Services had to remove it. Tree removal can be a dangerous thing, So safety is always the first thing on our mind. We started by coning off the area were we working in. We started at the top of the tree and worked our way down. After working for 20 years in Orange county and the surrounding counties we have implement the strongest safety precautions in the tree removal business. After removing the complete tree, we removed the stump with our power grinder. We like to haul away most of the debris from the grinding process. We have seen many companies make a practice of leaving a big pile after they’re done. Some times these piles of grindings can cause a bad smell and even allot of flies. These grindings get haled away and recycled.

Tree Service
Orange County Tree Services finished this project right on time. We had advised the customer where the trees should be trimmed, but the customer wanted the trees trimmed back even more; So we did what the customer asked. We try to do our tree trimming in a protective manner. This means: “what’s best for the tree“. However, customer satisfaction is our main goal. We left the project and the customer advised us that they would call us back in the future. Contact us for all of your Tree services in Orange County.


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