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Orange County Tree Trimming is based Southern California specializing in both commercial and residential tree trimming. This summer was quite busy, mostly due to the broad aspects of tree trimming that required constant maintenance; it appears that a lot of commercial buildings are starting to clean up their properties. We were recently working in the city of Irvine on a large tree trimming contract when we were approached by a gentleman asking if we trimmed trees for residential customers. We not only conveniently answered his question but also sent one of our estimators to his property and gave him a free estimate. Subsequently, he called us one week later to use our services for the tree trimmings. Though this particular project was on the smaller side, we weren’t all that concerned being that it coincided with our minimum charge, which we gladly can provide over the phone for any job throughout the cities of Orange County.
The project entailed the removal of a dead Pine tree as a result of the customer making a rash decision in hiring a tree company he had no prior knowledge of. He enrolled with their services strictly based on the purpose of monetary benefit where he was only required to pay a very low rate. Shortly thereafter, he returned home from work to find his beautiful pine tree had been practically trimmed down to nothing. Eight months later, the tree appeared to be lifeless prompting a quick removal. Recognizing our line of work in Irvine, the customer immediately sensed our level of experience and qualification in tree trimming.  While easy facilitating the tree removal, our newly acquired customer mentioned that he contacted several tree companies within Orange County but ultimately did not feel comfortable with their amount of knowledge regarding the repair procedures for underground piping. These kinds of incidents lead us back to the reason why we are such an active company, especially because we pride ourselves on giving customers as much information as possible before starting a new project finalizing the thorough completion of all estimates. After the assessment, we communicated to our customer that there were currently a few broken sprinkler pipes running underneath the dead tree that needed to be repaired as well. This unexpected issue was no problem for us being that we have all of the parts on our trucks to fix most sprinkler pipes including low voltage sprinkler cables and low voltage lighting. We efficiently resolved the matter by running a stump grinder threw the tree stump.We then took pictures of the broken pipes which was sent via email to our customer along with an accurate estimate. After receiving his approval to complete the job, we instantly restored the pipes and continued on our way.

If you are in need of a trimming project in Orange County, regardless of the size, please feel welcomed to give us a call for a free estimate 8am to 5pm, Monday through Saturday. If you have a busy schedule and are unable to meet with our company, you can send us an inquiry or picture of the project to and we will reply with the calculated estimate right away. Concerning the larger projects, we usually send out an estimator on the next business day. 1-866-842-5634

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[…] Orange County Tree Trimming Orange County Tree Company has been trimming and removing trees throughout Orange County for over 25 years. Once a tree removal job is completed, we are happy to provide additional help in recommending a new tree that will fit your needs. One of the great things about Orange County is its wide array of tree types, being that most trees from around the world grow here, allowing for a diverse selection to choose from. If you need a tree removed, trimmed, or you are just not sure which action to take, please give us a call for a free estimate as soon as possible. Also inquire about our Neighbor Program where we can offer a great discount and save you money for trimming both yours and your neighbor’s trees at the same time. Name : Mail : Website : Message : […]


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