Orange County Tree Removal

Orange County Tree Removal
Orange County Tree Service was called out to Aliso Viejo to provide a free estimation for a tree removal.  Aliso Viejo is located in Orange County and is surrounded by the cities of Laguna Hills and Laguna Niguel. Before we went out to perform the job, we had our customer send us a photo of their tree. This particular tree was rather small however it complied with our minimum charge policy, which is $300.00 to remove or trim trees in Aliso Viejo and all surrounding cities.

After viewing the picture we realized that the cable for the house, possibly along with other cables and pipes, ran right underneath the tree that the customer wanted removed. We updated our customer on the current situation and referred them to a company called Dig Alert. Dig Alert will go to any job site and mark where the utilities run underground for your specific property, free of charge for the service. After the customer’s utilities were marked, they sent us another photo and just as we had anticipated, there were multiple utilities running below the tree. Although most of these pipes are usually buried more than 18 inches deep, we decided to remove the tree by hand for safety purposes being that our stump grinder is a powerful machine and could easily cut right through one of these pipes. Though it does cost more to dig out a stump by hand, it is well worth the money in order to prevent additional costs and damages. Our crew took  their time and carefully extract the stump without breaking any major pipes or wires.

Orange County Tree Trimming
Orange County Tree Company has been trimming and removing trees throughout Orange County for over 25 years. Once a tree removal job is completed, we are happy to provide additional help in recommending a new tree that will fit your needs. One of the great things about Orange County is its wide array of tree types, being that most trees from around the world grow here, allowing for a diverse selection to choose from. If you need a tree removed, trimmed, or you are just not sure which action to take, please give us a call for a free estimate as soon as possible. Also inquire about our Neighbor Program where we can offer a great discount and save you money for trimming both yours and your neighbor’s trees at the same time.

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