Orange County Tree Trimming

Orange County Tree Trimming

When to trim and when not to trim your trees? We receive several calls during the year from people asking when is the best time of the year to trim our trees? The best time of the year to trim most trees in Orange County is during the cooler months. But don’t worry if you missed trimming your trees during the cooler months you can still trim them. We live in a forgiving climate here in Orange County.

We were called out to Newport Beach for an estimate on trimming several Pine trees. Pine trees happen to be the kind of trees you should trim during the cooler months. Over the last 20 years in business, we have trimmed several Pine trees during the warmer months. The trees do fine, but you do take the risk of a possible disease or a pest killing the tree. That’s why we recommend the cooler months for Pine trees. After giving our customer a free estimate to trim several trees, they called us back to schedule a day for tree trimming. Our scheduling time was for the following week. This worked well with our customer because they took the day off from work and watched us trim the trees. During our time at the customers home, we had a chance to ask the customer a few questions. The most important question was, why they chose our company? The customers answer was that they were happy we wanted to meet them in person during the estimate. We prefer to meet our customers during an estimate to explain how we’re going to trim their trees.  A lot of times people have to work so they can’t make it to the estimate. For these customers we give them a call to explain the process. Another answer our customer gave us was that the references we had given them ahead of time, all had said we did a great job trimming the trees and cleaning up. When you hire us to trim your trees, you can feel assured that we not only do a good job trimming but the clean up is just as important!

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Orange County Tree services provides all of your tree needs. After removing a tree for you we can plant a new tree for you. Our staff will give you several suggestions on which tree’s would work best for your property. Trees add beauty and value to your property. We have been providing tree services for over 20 years in Orange County. Call today for a free estimate 1-866-842-5634

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