Orange County Tree Services

Orange County Tree Services

Orange County Tree Services has been providing your tree needs in Orange County for over 25 years. We specialize in commercial & residential tree services. Whether you have one tree that needs to be trimmed or hundreds we can provide the service you’re looking for. Let our professional crews care for your trees. When you hire the cheapest tree company, you’ll get the cheapest job. Which means it’s possible they will hack your trees and ruin them. Leaving them vulnerable to disease and creating unhealthy trees. Once the disease ruins your trees you’ll have 2 choices. First choice, call out a company to treat the disease, that’s only if they can treat it. The second choice, have the tree removed. Either option is going to cost you more money and time. First choice should always be to hire a professional company.  Our crews are constantly being trained on the most current practice on trimming trees.

Orange County Tree Removal

We have removed hundreds of trees from Orange County over the past 20 years. It’s not our favorite thing to do but we will do what our customer wishes. Removing a tree needs to be done in a safe manner. Our professional crews will take every precaution to make sure your tree is removed safely. After removing the tree we can stump grind the stump for you. Stump grinding is a separate service we provide for hundreds of people every year in Orange County. Our crew just finished removing several Palm trees in Yorba Linda, California. All of the trees were removed and the stumps were ground down. After completing the removals, our customer hired us to install several white Birch trees. The White Birch tree is a poplar tree in Orange County. They do lose their leaves in the fall, but the colors are very beautiful. Call us today toll free 1-866-842-5634


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