Orange County Tree Removal

Orange County Tree Removal

OC Trees was called out to Yorba Linda to give an estimate on removing a tree. Yorba Linda is a city in Orange County, California. OC Trees tries to make every effort not to remove trees. This tree however was dead. We talked the customer into replacing the tree in another area of his yard. We feel this is better for the environment and it helps keep Orange County looking beautiful. Too many people are removing trees and never replacing them, this creates environments that look bare. The tree we were going to remove was a Pepper tree. This tree seemed to die from root rot and the fact that the pool builder cut most of the roots off of the tree while building a block wall. If pepper trees receive too much watering then they can develop root rot. This tree also had a sprinkler system spraying at it. We recommend removing automatic sprinkler systems from spraying on these trees. This tree removal wasn’t an easy one to do; the tree had fallen into the pool. We explained to our customer how important it is to ask the contractor if he has liability insurance and workers comp insurance. A good contractor will have a copy of their insurance sent over to the customer.

Orange County Tree Services

After the customer gave us the ok to remove the tree; we called in one of our crews to get started right away. This tree had fallen on the concrete deck around the pool and the biggest branches were pushing down on the pool bottom. The weight of this tree pushing on the bottom of the pool couldn’t be good for it. We started by removing all of the branches on the top part of the tree and working our way down to the branches that were under water. We removed the branches under the water in sections; making sure not to damage the concrete or surrounding areas. All of the removal went well and the pool seemed to be ok. After loading the branches and debris up into the truck; we drove the truck to a Green waste dump. This dump takes all of the green waste and turns it into mulch for the garden. All of our tree removals in Orange County get recycled. Palm trees can’t be recycled because the fiber in the wood is too stringy. This causes  major problems in recycling Palm Trees. Orange County – Tree Services has remove hundreds of trees from Orange County. We are centrally located in Orange County, which allows us to service all of Orange County and other near by counties. Please call out our professionally trained staff next time you need a tree removed. We also provide Tree Trimming services to both residential and commercial customers.


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