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Orange County Tree Trimming

Orange Park Acres Tree Trimming

Orange County Tree Services was called out to Orange Park Acres in the city of Orange for a tree estimate. This estimate was for trimming several trees and removing one dead Olive tree. Our customer had recently bought the property and the trees were not maintained on a regular basis.  There were several trees’ suffering from the lack of water. The customer was worried that the trees would not make a full come back. We took a look at the soil conditions and recommended a fertilizer program for the trees. After turning on and checking the sprinklers we recommended a few repairs and adjustments on the sprinklers.

Orange County Tree Trimming Orange County Tree Trimming

Orange County Tree Trimming

The first day of trimming our crew noticed several branches that were cracked on the Mulberry tree. The branches had to be removed which created a large hole in the trees crown. The good thing is that this tree will fill back in a couple of years. Before we cut the branches we gave our customer the option of leaving the damaged branches or removing them. The reason for the branches cracking was due to too much weight. You can let your trees grow large and healthy but you must remove some of the weight from the branches on a regular basis. This will keep the branches from cracking or even falling off of the tree.

Orange County Tree Removal

A dead Olive tree was in the main entrance to the property, so we removed it. This was a very easy removal for our crew. We have removed thousands of trees in Orange County over the past 20 years. You can be assured if you hire us for tree removal we will take every safety precaution.  We  always recommend keeping a tree alive but if our customer wants to remove a tree, we will give them options on planting a different tree that better suits their needs. When you call us out for tree service your not only getting a tree trimmer but a lifetime of landscape knowledge.


Tree Trimming and Removal

A cautionary tale from Orange County Tree Service

When a pine tree broke in half and fell down in the customer’s yard, OC Tree Services was there to the rescue.

Tree removal becomes necessary when a large tree fails

The aftermath of a fallen pine tree

Orange County Tree Trimming

Orange County Tree Services visited our customer last fall and informed them that there was a pine tree that needed to be thinned out. When we told the customer that the tree needed trimming, they told us that their budget wouldn’t allow it at that time. We informed the customer that there was a possibility of the tree falling down but had to leave it due to these budget constraints. Having a tree trimming done professionally not only adds aesthetic value to your home, but ensures the longevity of healthy trees. Tree trimming is a good preventative measure that can be taken against falling trees. OC Tree Services is in the business of keeping your trees looking beautiful and we don’t like to see a healthy tree fail.

Although our customer’s pine tree had been trimmed three years prior to this visit and was very healthy, it had a slight lean and too much over growth. These factors along with a change in temperature or gusts of wind caused the tree to fail and split in half. The customer called Orange County Tree Service this past weekend to have the pine tree removed.  If you need a trimming service, call us now at 1 (866) 842-5634!

The healthy pine broke due to lack of tree trimming

Break in the Pine Tree’s Trunk

Orange County Tree Removal

Luckily, the tree didn’t land on the customer’s home or in the busy street behind their house. When OC Tree Service arrived, we found the fallen tree in the perfect spot in the backyard. This is not always the case, as fallen trees can often cause damage to property. When your yard is faced with a fallen tree, removal is the only option. With the top half of the tree broken from its base, the pine would have died and left a tall, ugly stump.

As a professional service, OC Trees takes all precautions on removing trees and disposes of the debris responsibly. We care about the environment as evidenced by the fact that all of our tree trimming debris are recycled. All of the debris is hauled to a processing facility that grinds the branches up to make mulch. Some of this mulch is used to plant new trees and plants. Other mulch is used to cover the top layer of planter beds and provide nutrients to transplants. By the end of the job the tree had been properly removed and recycled. All in a days work.

It is important to trim healthy trees or they may fail

Healthy Fallen Pine Tree

The Benefits of Tree Trimming

Value can be added to your property by maintaining a healthy and mature pine tree. Removal of fallen trees will also restore functional space to your area, but it would be best to avoid this altogether. We always recommend having your trees trimmed on a regular basis to avoid tree removal. But if disaster does happen to strike, Orange County Tree Service is just a call away at our toll free number 1 (866) 842-5634!