Orange County Tree Trimming

Orange County Tree Trimming

Orange County Tree Trimming is an important part of prepping your trees before the Santa Ana winds start blowing. Due to the drought that we’ve been in for several years now, trees have began dying or are structurally weak due to lack of water. That’s why it’s so important to trim your trees now. During the fall and winter months is the best time to call out Orange County Tree Trimming. One of the main reasons to trim your trees in the fall is to avoid having excess weight on your trees before the Santa Ana winds start to blow. By trimming them now you can reduce the surface area of the trees canopy allowing wind to filter through rather than knocking down your tree. The drought has weakened the root systems on many different types of trees in the So Cal area. Trees that are over sized and have failing root systems are more prone to be knocked over. Call us today for a free estimate on your Orange County Tree trimming.

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Orange County Tree Removal

If your trees have not made it through the drought or if your tree is no longer desirable for your property, please call today for a free estimate to remove your tree. If your tree roots are causing your drains to suffer from growing down into the drain pipe and clogging them. Call out Orange County Tree Removal for a free estimate. We can remove these roots and repair your drains at the same time. We have all of the proper equipment for your tree removal and trained professionals to make sure that your tree removal is done in safe and professional manner. Our professional staff can recommend a new tree for your property. Several thousand customers have trusted there trees to be removed or trimmed by us throughout Orange County for over 20 years.. Call us today for a free estimate 1-866-842-5634

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Emergency Tree Removal

We receive several calls a year for trees that fall down in the middle of the night or on a weekend. The main reason these trees fall down is lack of proper trimming or poor health. If your tree does fall down don’t hesitate to give our office a call. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner. We have been serving Orange County trees for over 25 years. Please call us today 1-866-487-1359

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Keeping your trees trimmed! | Orange County Tree Service

Orange County Tree Service

Are your trees beginning to look a little bit scraggly?  Here are a pair of palms that really need a palm tree trimming…  They should probably call our Orange County tree service today!

Orange County Palm Tree Trimming

Okay… Actually, they did call our tree service.  We just forgot to take “after pictures.”  Basically imagine these un trimmed palm trees without all of the excess brown growth around the base.  Picture the well groomed palm trees outside of In-n-Out burger for example.

Our crews of skilled tree climbers went to work early in the morning and made quick work of these queen palms.

Our second job this week was doing tree trimming for a home owners association.  You can see an image below of the rows and rows of freshly trimmed trees in North Tustin.  There are few tree companies with the kind of consistency and trustworthiness that you will get from Orange County Tree Service.  From the tree climbers all the way up to our office staff, you can be sure that your precious foliage will be well taken care of.  Your freshly trimmed trees will make your house look infinitely tidier than it did before!

Orange County Tree Service

Orange County Tree Service

For commercial landscapes, well trimmed trees,sculpted shrubbery and topiaries are the biggest key to your business’ outside presentation.  It’s critical for your business’s outside to represent your professionalism and attention to detail.  Orange County Tree Service can help with that!  We have full landscape maintenance teams, a California state landscaping license ( C-27 894221), and an optional day porter service for landscape maintenance on larger properties.  So if it’s time to move ahead with your business, make sure that people don’t incorrectly judge your “book by its cover.”

To contact us, call our Orange County Landscape office between 9am and 5pm on weekdays, or leave a message if outside of business hours and we will contact you promptly.  Our tree service number is 1-866-842-5634


Orange County Palm Tree Removal

Orange County Palm Tree Removal

For quick Orange County Palm Tree Removal, call today at 1-866-842-5634

As a full feature licensed tree service, we also do tree trimming, general tree removal, tree climbing, and stump grinding.

Here’s a video of a palm tree removal in Westminster California.  The owner told us his front yard was being re landscaped so it was okay to drop the tree across his yard.  We usually proceed differently, but these circumstances lead to a quick tree removal.  This palm didn’t stand a chance.

Palm tree removal in Orange County is a common job for our tree service because of how many palm trees there are in the OC!  These trees have deep roots, and can be extremely tall and heavy.  Properly removing a fully grown palm tree is not a simple job and requires an expert crew to ensure that it is done safely.  Our professional climbers have worked with palm trees for years, and are sure to dispose of even the largest most established tree with ease.  It really is amazing what they can do!  Transforming a scraggly tree with big bunches of dead leaves, into a charming and well groomed example.

Orange County Palm Tree Removal

Palm Tree Removal in Orange County

Our Palm Tree Removal service ranges throughout Orange County for residential jobs, and through Southern California for commercial properties.  Our tree service cares for many properties in the region, keeping their trees trimmed, and removing their unwanted trees.  Our crews are also skilled at maintenance on residential and commercial properties.  So whether you need a quick tree trimming, or you’re looking for a dedicated weekly maintenance team for your OC property – we’re the team for you.  Our Licensed Orange County Tree Service rises above the rest for experience,

Orange County Palm Tree Removal from our company means you’re hiring a licensed tree service.  It means “no hassle.”  It means those trees are gonna get cut.  So what are you waiting for?  If you’ve read this far and haven’t decided “gosh darnit, this is the OC tree company for me,” I implore you to call our office today and ask for a quote!  There’s no better balance for quality service.  1-866-842-5634

Orange County Tree Trimming

Orange Park Acres Tree Trimming

Orange County Tree Services was called out to Orange Park Acres in the city of Orange for a tree estimate. This estimate was for trimming several trees and removing one dead Olive tree. Our customer had recently bought the property and the trees were not maintained on a regular basis.  There were several trees’ suffering from the lack of water. The customer was worried that the trees would not make a full come back. We took a look at the soil conditions and recommended a fertilizer program for the trees. After turning on and checking the sprinklers we recommended a few repairs and adjustments on the sprinklers.

Orange County Tree Trimming Orange County Tree Trimming

Orange County Tree Trimming

The first day of trimming our crew noticed several branches that were cracked on the Mulberry tree. The branches had to be removed which created a large hole in the trees crown. The good thing is that this tree will fill back in a couple of years. Before we cut the branches we gave our customer the option of leaving the damaged branches or removing them. The reason for the branches cracking was due to too much weight. You can let your trees grow large and healthy but you must remove some of the weight from the branches on a regular basis. This will keep the branches from cracking or even falling off of the tree.

Orange County Tree Removal

A dead Olive tree was in the main entrance to the property, so we removed it. This was a very easy removal for our crew. We have removed thousands of trees in Orange County over the past 20 years. You can be assured if you hire us for tree removal we will take every safety precaution.  We  always recommend keeping a tree alive but if our customer wants to remove a tree, we will give them options on planting a different tree that better suits their needs. When you call us out for tree service your not only getting a tree trimmer but a lifetime of landscape knowledge.


Tree Trimming and Removal

A cautionary tale from Orange County Tree Service

When a pine tree broke in half and fell down in the customer’s yard, OC Tree Services was there to the rescue.

Tree removal becomes necessary when a large tree fails

The aftermath of a fallen pine tree

Orange County Tree Trimming

Orange County Tree Services visited our customer last fall and informed them that there was a pine tree that needed to be thinned out. When we told the customer that the tree needed trimming, they told us that their budget wouldn’t allow it at that time. We informed the customer that there was a possibility of the tree falling down but had to leave it due to these budget constraints. Having a tree trimming done professionally not only adds aesthetic value to your home, but ensures the longevity of healthy trees. Tree trimming is a good preventative measure that can be taken against falling trees. OC Tree Services is in the business of keeping your trees looking beautiful and we don’t like to see a healthy tree fail.

Although our customer’s pine tree had been trimmed three years prior to this visit and was very healthy, it had a slight lean and too much over growth. These factors along with a change in temperature or gusts of wind caused the tree to fail and split in half. The customer called Orange County Tree Service this past weekend to have the pine tree removed.  If you need a trimming service, call us now at 1 (866) 842-5634!

The healthy pine broke due to lack of tree trimming

Break in the Pine Tree’s Trunk

Orange County Tree Removal

Luckily, the tree didn’t land on the customer’s home or in the busy street behind their house. When OC Tree Service arrived, we found the fallen tree in the perfect spot in the backyard. This is not always the case, as fallen trees can often cause damage to property. When your yard is faced with a fallen tree, removal is the only option. With the top half of the tree broken from its base, the pine would have died and left a tall, ugly stump.

As a professional service, OC Trees takes all precautions on removing trees and disposes of the debris responsibly. We care about the environment as evidenced by the fact that all of our tree trimming debris are recycled. All of the debris is hauled to a processing facility that grinds the branches up to make mulch. Some of this mulch is used to plant new trees and plants. Other mulch is used to cover the top layer of planter beds and provide nutrients to transplants. By the end of the job the tree had been properly removed and recycled. All in a days work.

It is important to trim healthy trees or they may fail

Healthy Fallen Pine Tree

The Benefits of Tree Trimming

Value can be added to your property by maintaining a healthy and mature pine tree. Removal of fallen trees will also restore functional space to your area, but it would be best to avoid this altogether. We always recommend having your trees trimmed on a regular basis to avoid tree removal. But if disaster does happen to strike, Orange County Tree Service is just a call away at our toll free number 1 (866) 842-5634!


Orange County Tree Services

Orange County Tree Services

Orange County Tree Services has been providing your tree needs in Orange County for over 25 years. We specialize in commercial & residential tree services. Whether you have one tree that needs to be trimmed or hundreds we can provide the service you’re looking for. Let our professional crews care for your trees. When you hire the cheapest tree company, you’ll get the cheapest job. Which means it’s possible they will hack your trees and ruin them. Leaving them vulnerable to disease and creating unhealthy trees. Once the disease ruins your trees you’ll have 2 choices. First choice, call out a company to treat the disease, that’s only if they can treat it. The second choice, have the tree removed. Either option is going to cost you more money and time. First choice should always be to hire a professional company.  Our crews are constantly being trained on the most current practice on trimming trees.

Orange County Tree Removal

We have removed hundreds of trees from Orange County over the past 20 years. It’s not our favorite thing to do but we will do what our customer wishes. Removing a tree needs to be done in a safe manner. Our professional crews will take every precaution to make sure your tree is removed safely. After removing the tree we can stump grind the stump for you. Stump grinding is a separate service we provide for hundreds of people every year in Orange County. Our crew just finished removing several Palm trees in Yorba Linda, California. All of the trees were removed and the stumps were ground down. After completing the removals, our customer hired us to install several white Birch trees. The White Birch tree is a poplar tree in Orange County. They do lose their leaves in the fall, but the colors are very beautiful. Call us today toll free 1-866-842-5634

Orange County Tree Company

Orange County Tree Company

Orange County Tree Services trimmed a Palm tree in Laguna Niguel. It was a single Palm tree, not much work to do. Our crew showed up at 8:30 a.m. and the supervisor had a short meeting about the surrounding plants and buildings. The climber then trimmed the Palm tree. After trimming the tree, the ground crew cleaned up the debris. The total time we were at the property was about 45 minutes. The customer was very happy with the job.

Tree Trimming

If you have a smaller property and have  just one tree or even if you have a few trees, we can schedule a day and time for our tree crew to come out and trim the one tree. The day and time is set by us. We have to schedule multiple stops for one day to be able to provide such a small service. We will provide a 3 hour window to show up and perform the work. There are 2 different ways we provide estimates for these smaller services. One way is to have you take photos of the tree to be trimmed and email it to us. This is a great way for the environment because we don’t waste fuel driving over to your property twice. Plus you will save money!! If you prefer for us to drive out and give you an estimate, we will provide a free estimate. However, in order to keep our cost down we’ll choose the day and a 4 hour window to show up for the estimate.

Tree Services

Orange County Tree Services has been providing tree services throughout Orange County for the past 25 years. Let our professional staff come out and give you an estimate on trimming or removing your trees.  After you remove one tree let us show you which new tree would suit your needs. We will come back out and install the new tree with the proper soil amendments. Most tree’s we install require root barriers. A root barrier will help direct the roots down into the ground and protect the surrounding areas. Call today for a free estimate. 1-866-842-5634

Orange County Tree Trimming

Orange County Tree Trimming

When to trim and when not to trim your trees? We receive several calls during the year from people asking when is the best time of the year to trim our trees? The best time of the year to trim most trees in Orange County is during the cooler months. But don’t worry if you missed trimming your trees during the cooler months you can still trim them. We live in a forgiving climate here in Orange County.

We were called out to Newport Beach for an estimate on trimming several Pine trees. Pine trees happen to be the kind of trees you should trim during the cooler months. Over the last 20 years in business, we have trimmed several Pine trees during the warmer months. The trees do fine, but you do take the risk of a possible disease or a pest killing the tree. That’s why we recommend the cooler months for Pine trees. After giving our customer a free estimate to trim several trees, they called us back to schedule a day for tree trimming. Our scheduling time was for the following week. This worked well with our customer because they took the day off from work and watched us trim the trees. During our time at the customers home, we had a chance to ask the customer a few questions. The most important question was, why they chose our company? The customers answer was that they were happy we wanted to meet them in person during the estimate. We prefer to meet our customers during an estimate to explain how we’re going to trim their trees.  A lot of times people have to work so they can’t make it to the estimate. For these customers we give them a call to explain the process. Another answer our customer gave us was that the references we had given them ahead of time, all had said we did a great job trimming the trees and cleaning up. When you hire us to trim your trees, you can feel assured that we not only do a good job trimming but the clean up is just as important!

Tree Company

Orange County Tree services provides all of your tree needs. After removing a tree for you we can plant a new tree for you. Our staff will give you several suggestions on which tree’s would work best for your property. Trees add beauty and value to your property. We have been providing tree services for over 20 years in Orange County. Call today for a free estimate 1-866-842-5634

Orange County Tree Removal

Orange County Tree Removal
Orange County Tree Service was called out to Aliso Viejo to provide a free estimation for a tree removal.  Aliso Viejo is located in Orange County and is surrounded by the cities of Laguna Hills and Laguna Niguel. Before we went out to perform the job, we had our customer send us a photo of their tree. This particular tree was rather small however it complied with our minimum charge policy, which is $300.00 to remove or trim trees in Aliso Viejo and all surrounding cities.

After viewing the picture we realized that the cable for the house, possibly along with other cables and pipes, ran right underneath the tree that the customer wanted removed. We updated our customer on the current situation and referred them to a company called Dig Alert. Dig Alert will go to any job site and mark where the utilities run underground for your specific property, free of charge for the service. After the customer’s utilities were marked, they sent us another photo and just as we had anticipated, there were multiple utilities running below the tree. Although most of these pipes are usually buried more than 18 inches deep, we decided to remove the tree by hand for safety purposes being that our stump grinder is a powerful machine and could easily cut right through one of these pipes. Though it does cost more to dig out a stump by hand, it is well worth the money in order to prevent additional costs and damages. Our crew took  their time and carefully extract the stump without breaking any major pipes or wires.

Orange County Tree Trimming
Orange County Tree Company has been trimming and removing trees throughout Orange County for over 25 years. Once a tree removal job is completed, we are happy to provide additional help in recommending a new tree that will fit your needs. One of the great things about Orange County is its wide array of tree types, being that most trees from around the world grow here, allowing for a diverse selection to choose from. If you need a tree removed, trimmed, or you are just not sure which action to take, please give us a call for a free estimate as soon as possible. Also inquire about our Neighbor Program where we can offer a great discount and save you money for trimming both yours and your neighbor’s trees at the same time.

Orange County Tree Trimming

Orange County Tree Trimming is based Southern California specializing in both commercial and residential tree trimming. This summer was quite busy, mostly due to the broad aspects of tree trimming that required constant maintenance; it appears that a lot of commercial buildings are starting to clean up their properties. We were recently working in the city of Irvine on a large tree trimming contract when we were approached by a gentleman asking if we trimmed trees for residential customers. We not only conveniently answered his question but also sent one of our estimators to his property and gave him a free estimate. Subsequently, he called us one week later to use our services for the tree trimmings. Though this particular project was on the smaller side, we weren’t all that concerned being that it coincided with our minimum charge, which we gladly can provide over the phone for any job throughout the cities of Orange County.
The project entailed the removal of a dead Pine tree as a result of the customer making a rash decision in hiring a tree company he had no prior knowledge of. He enrolled with their services strictly based on the purpose of monetary benefit where he was only required to pay a very low rate. Shortly thereafter, he returned home from work to find his beautiful pine tree had been practically trimmed down to nothing. Eight months later, the tree appeared to be lifeless prompting a quick removal. Recognizing our line of work in Irvine, the customer immediately sensed our level of experience and qualification in tree trimming.  While easy facilitating the tree removal, our newly acquired customer mentioned that he contacted several tree companies within Orange County but ultimately did not feel comfortable with their amount of knowledge regarding the repair procedures for underground piping. These kinds of incidents lead us back to the reason why we are such an active company, especially because we pride ourselves on giving customers as much information as possible before starting a new project finalizing the thorough completion of all estimates. After the assessment, we communicated to our customer that there were currently a few broken sprinkler pipes running underneath the dead tree that needed to be repaired as well. This unexpected issue was no problem for us being that we have all of the parts on our trucks to fix most sprinkler pipes including low voltage sprinkler cables and low voltage lighting. We efficiently resolved the matter by running a stump grinder threw the tree stump.We then took pictures of the broken pipes which was sent via email to our customer along with an accurate estimate. After receiving his approval to complete the job, we instantly restored the pipes and continued on our way.

If you are in need of a trimming project in Orange County, regardless of the size, please feel welcomed to give us a call for a free estimate 8am to 5pm, Monday through Saturday. If you have a busy schedule and are unable to meet with our company, you can send us an inquiry or picture of the project to and we will reply with the calculated estimate right away. Concerning the larger projects, we usually send out an estimator on the next business day. 1-866-842-5634